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Dr. Keith Brewer

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It isn't just about feeling better. It's about performing better.

Keith's Story

Dr. Keith Brewer – affectionately known as “The Monk Without The Funk” – experienced first-hand the power of moving meditation as a young child, defying the many doctors who told him he would be paralyzed by the age of 13 due to his spinal anomalies. Today, Keith is a doctor of Chinese acupuncture and medicine and martial arts expert, devoted to teaching others the power of standing and moving meditation to take charge of their own health and greatly improve their mental and physical potential.

In his interactive talks and workshops and private coaching, Keith teaches powerful mindfulness and tai chi techniques – just like those pro sports teams use – to 1) release stress and anxiety, 2) holistically manage chronic conditions, 2) increase empathy, self-awareness, intuition, and creativity, and 3) build stronger group communication and cohesiveness.

Keith is also a Diplomate in Classic Chinese medicinal herbology. He regularly gives presentations on the greater benefits of standing and seated meditation over seated meditation.


Why Choose Dr. Keith Brewer?

Because it’s more than just about feeling better. It’s about doing better, achieving more, and thriving where the stakes are high. It’s about controlling health issues that you’ve ignored for too long and turning anxiety from a roadblock into a stepping stone.

In choosing Keith, you’re not just buying a wellness package. You’re investing in a new way of living and succeeding, a way that keeps you at the top of your game without costing your peace of mind.

You’ll learn to not just survive the pressures, but thrive in them, by finding a stronger connection with yourself, discovering your inner strength, and building a calm within the storm. With Keith, you’ll immerse yourself in a transformative journey of self-discovery and wellness, Your Path to Peak Performance.


Edward Flory, Senior Engineer

“AMAZING!! Keith’s workshop is AWESOME! You’d have to experience it to know… not enough words to describe the Qigong. The teaching was so helpful!”


Bertina Amy, Office Manager

“Working with Keith has helped me put my cancer into remission and have the baby I’ve always wanted.”

George Harris, Sales Manager

“Keith Brewer teaches the ultimate combination of exercise, stress reduction and mental focus. Through his unique explanations, anyone can learn to practically apply this ancient art to modern day existence.”

Maurice Hardy, Medical Affairs Specialist

“Keith is one of the rare people that can translate Eastern concepts and philosophies to Western minds. I am honored to have met him and to be able to work with him on cultivating mindfulness through meditation and qigong for stress management.”

Marcelle Hammish, LAc

“Keith is a gentle soul and Very patient! A Fantastic teacher. I would wholeheartedly recommend Keith to anyone interested in learning Tai Chi or Meditation.”